Ocean Par® is one of the most innovative providers of health and mineral benefits from the sea. We know that today’s health conscious consumers both young and old seek products that can provide extra health benefits. Our goal is to provide consumers with unmatched, health-upholding products that enhance, enrich and nourish lives. With global headquarters in Brazil, driven by its exuberant nature and extensive coastline, developed proprietary technology to purify and refine oceanic water and has established a new frontier in drinkable waters, food production and biotechnology.

How is 63 Vital minerals® made?

We collect natural oceanic water from the high seas and purify it through an ultra micro-filtration process that removes salt and impurities while preserving essential minerals. Nothing artificial is added. There are no chemicals or pathogens. Our patented approach meets and exceeds the highest standards demanded by authorities and environmental organizations. The result is refreshing, truly satisfying pure water rich in minerals. 
It tastes great, it’s good for you and your family and you’ll feel great enjoying it every day at any occasion.

Why water is so important to your health?

Water that is properly bottled is a better way to ensure what you’re drinking is clean and safe. But not all bottled water is created equal, and some may provide more benefits than others. Most brands provide an average of 12 important micro-nutrients. 63 Vital Minerals® gives you more than five times more minerals than most other brands.
Bottled water is generally understood to be safer to drink. However, not all bottled water is equal. Since 63 Vital Minerals® originates in the ocean there are none of the land-based contaminants present. Furthermore, ocean water contains an amazing array of minerals. With this as our starting point and with our proprietary technology, we deliver a truly clean refreshing drink packed with 63 trace minerals that every body needs, and it’s all 100% natural.
In short, quite unlike any other bottled water. Why settle for less now that 63 Vital Minerals® can be as close as your favorite store?