Recognition of Excellence

We are proud to announce that the packaging/design team from OCEAN PAR have won the ultimate packaging accolade – A WorldStar Award in the category of “Beverages” for “63 Water Vital Minerals

Special thanks go to all parties involved in this achievement

The World Packaging Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

Founded September 6, 1968 in Tokyo by visionary leaders from the global packaging community, the purposes of the organization include to:

  • Encourage the development of packaging technology, science, access and engineering;
  • Contribute to the development of international trade; and
  • Stimulate education and training in packaging.
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63 water wins GOLD Award!

We are proud to announce the privilege of winning GOLD LAUREL in 2015 Award of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) – category: International Competitiveness | Products for Export.


The glass bottle of “63 WATER”, surrounded by a blue translucent label replicating the ocean (source of this distinctive water) was teamed up with a screw-cap of aluminium and a light blue stripe covered by a shrinkable, proof-safe seal to ensure product integrity.

The ABRE Gold Award conferred to “63 WATER” packaging highlights its excellence, functionality, outstanding graphic design and strategic positioning as a competitive exporting tool.

The “63 Water” is part of the Brazilian Flavors, a joint-initiative of ABBA (Brazilian Association of Importers and Exporters of Food and Beverage) and APEX-BRASIL (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), which opens up opportunities in foreign markets for producers of top-quality, differential food and beverages to strengthen the country’s branding abroad, develop the competitiveness of Brazilian associated companies and promote the internationalization of their businesses.



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DORAL, FL, March 7, 2012 – Ocean Par announced it will debut 63 Vital Minerals®, its first bottled beverage created with purified ocean water to be sold in the United States, at the Natural Foods Expo West, March 9-11, 2012, in Anaheim, CA. 63 Vital Minerals® nourishes the body with 63 micro-nutrients, or six times more than the 10-12 trace minerals some bottled waters contain.

63 Vital Minerals® is harvested from the ocean miles off the coast of Brazil and Ocean Par’s proprietary process leaves a pure drinking water with the vital trace minerals the body needs, no pathogens and nothing added. The result is a clean, natural taste, free from salts and impurities with no aroma or aftertaste. 63 Vital Minerals®, is available as still and premium sparkling water.

“Today’s health conscious consumers expect more from the food and beverages they buy,” says Richard Watson of Sherling Enterprises, LLC, the 63 Vital Minerals® trade representative in the United States. “They prefer an all-natural product with no additives. They want to know it comes from a trusted source. And they’re eager to choose brands that give them something extra with the maximum health benefits possible.”

63 Vital Minerals® is available in a 500ml (16.9 oz.) bottle. It is initially launching through select West Coast distributors and is expected to be available in East Coast health food stores, specialty grocers, fitness centers and restaurants by early summer 2012.

About Ocean Par

Ocean Par® is one of the most innovative providers of health and mineral benefits from the sea. We know that today’s health conscious consumers both young and old seek products that can provide extra health benefits. Our goal is to provide consumers with unmatched, health-upholding products that enhance, enrich and nourish lives. With global headquarters in Brazil, driven by its exuberant nature and extensive coastline, developed proprietary technology to purify and refine oceanic water and has established a new frontier in drinkable waters, food production and biotechnology

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